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Escorted Trips Music & Art Festival @ The Che Cafe

Escorted Trips will feature music on two stages, along with live art and showcased works from some of San Diegos most creative individuals. Headlined by San Bernardino's Foliage, and San Diego's Fashion Jackson, the festival will feature a wide variety of music, including rock, funk, electronic, and punk. 

Music between sets will be provided by DJ East One, with vegan food available from Chef Saka Sal all day.

- Foliage
- Fashion Jackson
- Ingonoir & Snapghost
- Imagery Machine
- Ethics
- Retra
- Nite Lapse
- Sights and Sages
- Miss New Buddha
- Oak Palace
- Ignant Benches
- Trip Advisor
- Monsoon Season

- Becx Pelayo
- Michaella Holland
- Katie Howard
- Dani Bell
- Jesse Andrew
- Riana Sanchez
- Maria Del Carmen