Best of: Rap in 2017, As Told By Yung Mondi


Year-end lists suck because, for the most part, year-end list suck, so i already know mine gotta be hot ass. if someone tweets me about “i left off a song” or something, please buy a website or have a friend who has one.

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1. Playboi Carti - Magnolia

pretty boy rap music, i’m sorry if you can’t relate you bum. this is really all i wanted to write honestly, like when this shit come on idc if you’re poor, got on aeropostale, maybe you got some reeboks on, this shit finna turn you into a fly mf, you know what I’m saying? you might dm some girls on ig when you go home drunk type shit. the first night i heard this in public i blacked out, i woke up my instagram DM’s were a mess, down right disgusting.

2. ZMoney - Two 16’s ft. Valee

this song is nuts and it makes me want to run into a wall. first off, it’s cool to see money back. when i first heard of money cuz of yams, i thought it was sooooo hard to listen to brah because i thought most of the beats he had were trash. thankfully his whole new tape is done by chasethemoney, who was my favorite producer this year besides pierre bourne. valee verse is so crazy i don’t even think he breathes or rhymes the entire time its like the ultimate based freestyle.

also please check out more valee, click on these recommendations here, here and here.

3. Drakeo the Ruler - Shoot A Baby

my favorite rapper from LA right now. in all honestly, this song shouldn’t be on this list, it should actually be “Drakeo The Ruler ft SOBXRBE - I Could Never” but “shoot a baby” is the best introduction to Drakeo so please listen. No offense to any babies reading this you fucking nerd, but babies really suck idk about killing them but you ever go to a party and someone shows up with a kid and it literally just ruins the entire party, now you gotta scramble to make a spare room with them with their own TV, YUCK!!!!Leave those babies where they belong in a condom or on someone’s back(stomach, mouth, etc we all have preferences).

4. Lil Uzi Vert - XO Tour Llif3

this should probably be #1 with magnolia, but one time i was watching a no jumper vlog (it was like 3am don’t judge) and adam22 was onstage and panned to the camera and it was just a sea of lil clout kids dressed like lil pump screaming the song and it just left a really bad taste in my mouth. none the less tho, the true black out anthem. how many people have done some dumb shit because of this song? one of my fondest memories of 2017 was playing the Warehouse Takeover with Sango and not being able to see my laptop because i was so drunk and then getting sobered up when this played.

p.s. - if uzi loses to khalid at the grammys i hope texas blows up. khalid deadass makes the most borrrrrring music ever khalid is boot cut and cheesecake factory music. i don’t understand man if you’re like 13-18 i get why you like khalid, shit maybe even up to like 21, but after than man its time to let high school go and realize you never gonna be that popping again.

5. Goldlink - Crew ft. Brent Faiyaz & Shy Glizzy

hot take (not really, maybe if you wear dad hats), shy glizzy has the best verse on this song, he makes it great. i mean this shit is gonna be hot no matter what, BUT jefe really takes it over the top and honestly if you don’t agree with this you’re racist. all RnB has sounded the same since 2012, thats my view on brent fiyaz. i hope in 2018, people who make R&B won’t follow the current R&B aesthetic, its probably the worst ever, lotta RnB now sounds like monkey emojis and texting a girl “i wanted to kiss you tonite” after you spent the whole day together.

6. Chief Keef - Can You Be My Friend or Negro

best rapper alive. i wish people would stop listening to chief keef ironically, what if we stopped listening to street rappers ironically in 2018? “negro” is the first song that made me feel that poor in a longtime,keef talks about how his backpacks get more cash and pussy than me and i remember hearing that and frowning. since I’m writing this, its a great time to have my yearly existential crisis because of chief keefs age [Editor’s Note: Chief Keef is 22].

7. Young Dolph - 100 shots

modern day 2pac. young dolph being alive is the best diss response of all time.i landed in LA the day Dolph was shot in LA ima be honest with you, I thought he was a goner. then bro recorded a whole ass video at cedars-sinai hospital. yo gotti fucking big ass head was prolly pulsating with stress.why doesn’t gotti just headbutt dolph, that’ll forsure do the job. one time i read yo gotti was at a photoshop for new era and he ruined all the hats he was modeling because his head was so big

8. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory (The whole album).

i know this is songs or whatever, but the song happens to be the name of my favorite album of the year. i know people mad at this album because he’s not rapping but this shit knock so so sorry you can’t understand this shit and you not in the future like the rest of us. to keep it a buck, this the best vince album since shyne cold chain 1, all the other shit (except summertime 06 & stolen youth) was ass honestly. sidenote: go listen to vince verse on “elimination chamber.”

9. Blac Youngsta - Hip Hopper ft. Lil Yachty

this and magnolia got the honor of “songs that i just played on a loop this year” literally. when this was just a video on IG and Youngsta was just doing the Heavy Dance in the studio i would just drive around and listen to that.Uzi and Youngsta have the best rapper dances forsure and I can do both so come see me. anyways is there anything more disappointing than lil boat this year?i really wanted boat to win AND make good music but his album stunk!!!im gonna be honesty with y’all, i really wanted to make myself like it but shit was horrible please bring back soundcloud boat.

10. Tay-K - The Race

the most polarizing song of the year. this coulda easily been the song of the year, but yo how mad was tay k? analyze the lyrics and what he did, my man was furious and what for?the only one that made sense was when he shot the guy outside chick fil a.what if it was sunday?you ever just be laying in bed thinking about that spicy chicken on a sunday morning?how do you feel?do you understand now?in an alternate universe someone wrote about the chick fil a shooting like how they write about school shooters, and its probably a picture of tay k playing yu-gi-oh or some shit.

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