Best Of: Electronic in 2017, As Told By Luis Travels


Writing about music brings me the same frustration as explaining one of my favorite songs to a friend, which always ends the same: "alright, here. Just listen to it." As far as 2017 goes, most of my optimal listening time occurred while driving on the freeway between 11pm-3am (windows down, weather permitting.)

My goal here was to compile a few tracks reflecting on what this year in electronic music sounded like to me. Also, if you hear something you like, please explore the respective artist's discography in-depth as there is much more where these came from. (Please excuse my lack of ability to portray enthusiasm via writing. Just listen!)

- - -


The Dream covers a track he wrote back in 2007. Los Angeles-based duo DJDS work their magic over it. Nothing but love for our buds Jerome & Samo. Get familiar!

DJ Seinfeld - Too Late For U and M1

The Breakbeat. The Melody. The Vocals. The 303. 

Kingdom - Down 4 Whatever ft. SZA

Fade to Mind shit. SZA's vocals wrap beautifully around these drum patterns. 

Chicho 3000 - Focuss1

Chicho drums over a hook we all know and love. Just shy of a minute in length, this shit feels like it got ripped right off a mixtape. 

DJDS - Trees On Fire ft. Amber Mark & Marco Mckinnis

Drums. Vocals. Arrangement. Amber Mark & Marco Mckinnis are also developing their own projects that are worth giving a listen to. 

KH (Four Tet) - Question

A 7-ish minute infinite loop that feels like a 3 minute track. Don't fight the foot tapping!

Soulwax - Missing Wires

One of the strongest track intros of all time.

Daphni - Tin 

Mariah Carey sample! Overdriven synth sequence! Daphni! 

Jim-E Stack - Deadstream 

Beautiful track accompanied by a beautiful Vine compilation. We miss you, Vine. 

- - -


Sinjin Hawke - "Cold Blood"

Bonobo - "Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa)" 

Washed Out - "Get Lost"

Jacques Greene - "You See All My Light"

Overmono - "Inulin"

Karizma - "Work It Out"

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