Best of: Soundcloud Gems in 2017, As Told By Coastal


NOTE: I decided to stick to Soundcloud tracks since thats more often where I find freshly released music, unlike my Spotify which is just me digging for everything I’ve missed in the past 50 years.

These are all tracks I loved and felt went a little more under the radar than they should have. This list is pretty heavily biased (as I know a lot of these people), but hey, if you don’t support your friends you might as well not even have any. With that said, lets get started.

- - -

Lyric Walls - "X"

Waaaaaaayyy back when I had first started making semi-okay music, Lyric commented on a track of mine and I remember tweeting out that he was a nice guy. This was before he had even released a track, and now he’s a good friend and without a doubt one of the best artists I know. He’s taking a little creative hiatus right now (and has sent me some phenomenal WIPs), but I was blown away by this track of his and really think it was slept on. It’s in all my live sets.

Cardi B - "Bodak Yellow (Chris Franchise Remix)"

Bodak was a pretty cool track for like two weeks, now my roommate plays it every chance he gets and it mildly infuriates me. Chris’s version, however, never gets old. This track is so soothing yet so bangin’. His Ferg and 21 remixes also come highly recommended.

Naji - "Long Distance (feat. Jeanie)"

I was super excited to see this track come out. Naji blew me away with his work on Mona Lisa last year and to see my very slept on and ridiculously talented friend Jeanie (who just worked and kicked it with Charli XCX) was a great surprise. It’s such a lovely and wholesome track, I’m sure I’ll play it for my kids.

AbJo, JR Jarris, & PRVDNT - "BlessU"

The classic SD trio tore it up with this one, I was stoked to see it released with Soulection. After working with Paul and JR, it’s interesting to hear this track and totally know who did what and how it most likely came together. I wish these 3 would get put on more often.

Evil Needle - "Pays Her Bills (feat. Noah)"

One thing I try to do on all my tracks, regardless of type, is make it bang at least a little bit, which makes the track work from the club to just hanging out. Evil Needle does that perfectly with this track, backing up Noah’s vocals so well. I’ll put this in a set or make it my alarm in the morning and every time it’s just amazing.

Sam Gellaitry - Pyrotechnic

As a Soundcloud producer in his early 20’s, I’ve been jealous of Sam’s skills since 2014's "Bruh." We didn’t get too much from him this year but this one, this phenomenal composition, is why I love him. I really can’t explain it, it’s just an amazing feeling I get when listening to this track.

VHOOR - Anoitecer

My friend Dane (Anakin Flywalker) has some great taste and he put me onto Team Oneself this year. VHOOR is one of my favorite dudes on that crew and "Anoitecer" has been stuck in my head ever since it dropped. Recently collaborating with Sango, I’m sure well see more of him this coming year.

Yaeji - Last Breath

Flashback to this summer working on "La Luz" with Jackie Mendoza, I’ve never felt like more of a badass than mobbing around San Diego in Jackie’s Mini Cooper bumping deep house. Awesome vocals, awesome production value, and that really crazy buzzy synth before the drop made this the track I took away from those car rides. Now Yaeji's blowing up with 88rising, but I hope people look back and find this track when she’s huge.

Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (Medasin Remix)

Spotify said this was my most played track of the year and I’m content with that. This may not be a very slept on song, but I wanted to put it on here. Since way back when he released the Pink Polo EP with Masego, Medasin has been one of my favorites. This year he really blew up with official remixes of some of the biggest tracks of the year, so I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store for him.

SZA - The Weekend (Zikomo Remix)

If I could pick any one track to tag on to 2017, it would be Zikomo’s "The Weekend" remix. I must’ve heard this track in 90% of DJ sets this year and it just doesn’t get old. Zikomo’s flips all have such replay value, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired by them. After hearing some of what he has in store for 2018, I think this will be his year without a doubt.