WELCOME: The Travelers Club, again, again.

Photo by   Mikey Avila.

Photo by Mikey Avila.

Welcome, welcome, everyone. You've joined us early (lmao that's some real corny shit to say), but we welcome your attention and support all the same.

As all three of you may know, I used to run a personal website called AndyInternets.com, a blog that I'd fill with irregular shit posts, poems and half-assed reviews that I'd distract myself with when my narcissism started itchin'. Now, as 2017 comes to a close, I have decided to stop being such a selfish POS and start focusing on others a little more -- in particular, to the brand that my friends and I have slowly and painstakingly cultivated over the years, The Travelers Club. One that I hope you've heard of, of course, with an emphasis on I hope.

For those of you unaware, though, let me break it down real quick: In corny millennial language, The Travelers Club could be best described as a creative collective. In industry language, maybe the descriptor 'content creators' or 'event promoters' would be better suited. In reality, though, we're just a group of friends who like to produce shit, design shit, write shit, record shit and most importantly, coordinate shit. Specifically, here in San Diego. Our methods? Varied, though mostly through the events we throw. Our goal? To bring people together and make this city not suck. That's it, really.

If you've come to the shows before, well, I can already tell you I appreciate everything about you. I may not know you, but if you associate with people who associate with us, then the bro God has obviously blessed you with a beautiful network of friends and/or acquaintances and/or Internet connection. If you've never come to a show, then please, keep tuning in until you do. We'll make sure to make it worth your while with regular posts including high quality interviews, written pieces, videos and content about our world and the city around us.

With that said, thank you for reading this far and I hope you read, watch and listen further. I can assure you there will still be plenty of shit posts, half assed reviews, (maybe a little less poems) but more thorough content and exclusives for you to devour. We're writing and creating to move San Diego beyond San Diego because I know damn well our voice matters more than these four walls let us think. With all the potential our city has, It has to.


- a.

P.S. For submissions, whether it be music or art, please send here. If it's actually good, please send here.

ANDY INTERNETS2017, welcome