MUSIC VIDEO: Amon, "Left"

I'm not gonna be the guy to sit here and lie to you -- the truth is the truth: San Diego and hip hop don't often coalesce into greatness too often. For what reason? Who knows, someone should ask Jayo Felony or Nick Cannon what they think (jk, don't ask Nick Cannon). Luckily in this case, however, Amon is the shining anomaly, as made clear in "Left," produced by D Atriz and filmed by Three Hours Ago.

With a flow and vocal delivery that exudes the confidence of a star, Amon goes in about losing the right girl and finding a right-er one. This perfection of the everyday-appeal is one of Amon's biggest assets, as well his ability to look, sound and act like he's already your favorite rapper. With that sort of charisma, it's easy to see how most of his songs connect in a way that goes beyond artist-to-fan. 

Some say the biggest key to making it is acting like you already did (word to Jay, Kanye and Wayne), so who's to say this won't be the case for arguably one of the best in the city? I'd bet on it.

Stream the song here: