ANDY'S TRAVELS: Random Excerpt From Austin, Texas


[Interstate 78-W / 11AM]

D: He said, "She's like the best mom, you know -- best mother, best wife -- she supported me when I did my time in Iraq, like you know, she looked out for our kids. But, I would stick my dick in the mud just to fuck something else. Something different... But I won't."
M: Do you think anybody doesn't think like that?
D: No, I don't think so.
M: Doesn't that suck, then?
D: I mean, I'm sure that's not all there is. There's just days where you deal with it, and that's where it really matters.
M: How's that?
D: Well, if you really love that person, you'd just be with her. There's nothing wrong with thinking, I mean.. You can't control your thoughts. You know, but if you act upon it, that's different. You obviously didn't care about the person enough to put your emotions aside.
M: Yeah... I'm surprised hearing this coming from you -- with you, being so sociopathic and all.
D: Yeah, I know. But I think that helps me understand it more.
M: Yeah.