ANDY'S TRAVELS: Last Days In Central Texas

central texas.jpg

Last days in San Antonio and Austin. Listened to a lot zydeco / Afro-jazz music, drank a lot of gin and avoided a lot of Tex-Mex restaurants, so naturally I only have great things to say about south-central Texas. I spent my last night with a best friend eating brisket and cream corn underneath patriotic themed fireworks. It was amazing until I realized:

  1. It was coming from Seaworld (fuck Seaworld)
  2. Fireworks are wild toxic for the environment.

That's when I stopped and thought, "wow, that was a very California thing to think," and continued enjoying my slab of burnt carcass. Thanks to my childhood friends Billal and Zev for being great hosts. Next stop is Houston, where I make it my sole mission to find Bun B and shake his hand. See ya later.