ANDY'S TRAVELS: Missing Country Music In The Ozarks

Just finished staring at the sun out in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, kinda wishing I was back in Nashville, Tennessee. I thought a lot about that scene in Boyhood and that episode of Master of None while crawling from barn bar to barn bar. It made me appreciate every honky tonk square dance all the more. Make no mistake, there is nothing that gives white people more impeccable form and wave-like rhythm like hearing that weird high pitched intro to "Cotton Eye Joe" or yelling, "Yee! yee!" into the star spangled ether. Shit is wild beautiful. Last night was my first and hopefully last time having to sleep in my car on this trip, but due to the influx of eclipse searching crystal healers, motels are looking rather rough.

Off to Missouri now. God is love, Rev Run.