The Top 5 Most Iconic Lunice Productions


As a member of innovative label LuckyMe and one-half of TNGHT, it's no exaggeration to say Lunice's production has re-defined the idea of a "banger" and all we know of it. From credits with Kanye West, Rick Ross, Azealia Banks and even through his own solo ventures, the Montreal-based producer's icy minimalist, yet experimental approach to beatmaking has practically certified the producer as one of the greatest to do it. Like foreal, anything the man touches is a guaranteed slapper.

Now, with the Warehouse Takeover closely approaching, I felt it was only right to list the top times the pioneer has shaken the beat scene to it's core, whether through his solo tracks or brilliant production work. I can assure you every track in this list holds true to his legacy and every track is worth making the trip out to see the legend in the flesh.

- - -

Lunice - Can't Wait To

One of Lunice's greatest features is his ability to take simplicity and transform that bareness into something so infectious that it becomes impossible not to swing along with it. Some of the Canadian-based producer's best work comes from this environment, and as a master of beats in general, it's no mistake that something as simple as the words "Can't wait to" can make the human body do ridiculous, maybe even regrettable, things. That's the beauty of a banger.

Rockie Fresh - "Panera Bread" ft. Rick Ross (Prod. by Lunice)

The beat to "Panera Bread" sounds like you're playing a basketball game in the Arctic, about to cross the fuck out of someone with the footwork precision of Allen Iverson listening to DJ Rashad. Any rap song that includes RIck Ross is already a banger by default, but having one of the most underrated rappers of all time, Rockie Fresh, on it just adds multitudes to the record. I bought chicken nuggets at the dollar tree last night as an essential grocery item, but every time I hear this song I feel like I got stacks in my bank account. Ross says, "My name ring, my chain swing," and I'm just like, yeah you right. My non-existent chain do be swinging. It's a psychological thing.

TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice) - "Higher Ground"

Lunice might be most known for his duo project with Hudson Mohawke as TNGHT and it's for good reason. I know it's a tough concept to consider now, but back in 2012 when "trap music" in the electronic world wasn't a big thing, you had pioneers like Lunice paving the way for any producer even thinking of co-opting the southern sound. Way before Kanye transformed the demo version of this song into "Blood on the Leaves" and Arby's decided to rip this shit off for their commercial, "Higher Ground" was the anthem for a wild ass night for heads who knew what the fuck was up. This song hits with the thunderous qualities of a nuclear explosion in the right settings, minus the cancerous after-effects. If you weren't hip to the impact of TNGHT back in the day, I can only say that you missed out on something special in the truest sense of the word.

Azealia Banks - "Runnin'" (Prod. by Lunice)

Azealia Banks spent a lot of years being slandered for her opinionated words, but the tide is finally turning and I truly believe 2018 will be the year we can finally appreciate the God MC that she is. With that said, who else do we have to thank for bringing her words to life than a masterful producer like Lunice (and of course Lazy Jay). Hearing Azealia spit so effortlessly over the experimental minimalism that Lunice provides is a gift on it's own and I can only hope more of these collaborations happen within the new year.

TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice) - "Bugg'n)

What's there to say about the gift from God that is TNGHT's "Bugg'n" that countless struggle rappers haven't already said over this gem? "Bugg'n" sounds like blowing bubbles at a club in between shots of Henn Rock, way before the weed escalates you. Nothing sounds like this track and that is primarily what made this record such a standout back in the days when the only close thing to a banger was some shit from Skrillex. When Flying Lotus decided to take up rap music with his short-lived alter ego, Captain Murphy, he chose this instrumental as his debut single and of course he did, because if he hadn't then I would've severely questioned his status as a genius. Flying Lotus agrees with it, then you should too. That's just how music works.