Everything You Need To Know About the "Patriot Picnic" in Chicano Park

Patriot Picnic Chicano Park

Well, here we are again -- another year, another case of old white men with entirely too much time fucking with Chicano Park. 

Emboldened by the recent trend of conservative groups just being openly racist now, local "patriot" organizations, including the Patriot Fire blog and Bordertown Patriots, have taken it upon themselves to build on last year's anti-Chicano Park  Patriot Picnic with a follow up demonstration scheduled for February 3rd.

Originally organized in September 3rd of last year, the first iteration of the Patriot Picnic was created to highlight what local nativist groups considered anti-white symbolism in Chicano Park. In order to combat the "discriminatory art," the groups strategically leaked their own email chains indicating that they would take action against the historic park. In other words, bitter white dudes tried to start some bullshit -- and bullshit, indeed, did get started. 

As word spread online, so did the growing tension of Chicano Park supporters pledging their protection against the Nazi's. With hostility hovering over the park, the "patriot groups" had created the illusion that they were in any way about that action and, as a result, fired up a whole community who were actually very much about that action.

When the day arrived, however, it became obvious that the Nazi's were in fact just old nerds trying to troll a community. Rather than carry pitchforks and sledgehammers, they held camcorders and greasy pizza slices. With only enough time to eat one piece, the group of five acne-ridden skinheads were abruptly escorted out of the park, protected by barriers of police and all. All for nothing.

And now, we find ourselves in the same situation again. 


Facebook event pages announcing a hate-inspired picnic, an online commotion of counter-protesters ready to run the fade and enough hostility to create at least twenty "La Raza: Kill All Whites!" click-bait videos for these goons. At this point, it has become a game of cat and mouse, except of course if the cat was a Mountain Dew-guzzling 35 year old white guy in a Sublime shirt.

So, rather than feed into the nonsense, it is important to learn who this local enemy is, realize their true motivation and listen to the sage words of the Chicano Park Steering Committee regarding counter-action. Protection is always good, but performing it smart is key. To help facilitate, we've provided a few pointers on what we're dealing with and how to properly deal. Read through and come prepared on Saturday morning.

As per the requests of the Chicano Park Steering Committee, please don't fight the Nazis.

I realize how wrong that may come across and I even felt weird having to write it, but it's true. As mentioned by the memo released by the Chicano Park Steering Committee (CPSC), "We need to be smart and act in a unified way...The only way this will turn out bad for us is if individuals go rogue that day." The note continues, "Do not engage with these fools at all, you will only harm our parque and our people if you do."

The Nazi's primary motivation is to instigate a scene.

And this is why it's so important to not engage in action with the Nazi's. The reality is, Patriot Fire and Bordertown Patriots don't give a fuck about Chicano Park or the murals on them, no matter how much they lambast the cultural depictions. All Patriot Fire and Bordertown Patriots care about is making their shared enemy look evil on a larger scale to push their agenda -- and of course, what better way to achieve that than to incite chaos and composite the reactions of Chicanx counter-protesters as violent and out of control. 

Any little YouTube search will pull up hundreds of videos by Patriot Fire just like this, most with incendiary titles such as "Kill the Gringos" and "White Ethnic Cleansing Demanded at Chicano Park." What then follows is national publications like Breitbart and InfoWars pick up the story, share the videos and run with this fabricated white genocide narrative. And if that perseveres on a grand scale, we may end up losing more than just a fight.

Patriot Fire and their stunts are orchestrated by professional troll and noted racist idiot, Roger Ogden


If there's a large event occurring in Chicano Park, chances are this slimy little cretin is crawling in the corners filming it for a chance to start shit. If you don't know Roger Ogden, all you really need to learn is that the banner to his Facebook page and website still say "IMPEACH OBAMA," one whole year after the 2016 elections. Why? Because Roger Ogden isn't a political advocate or man of conservative principles, Roger Ogden is just a wacko racist shithead, specifically one who lives to harass Latinx and Muslim communities in San Diego and beyond.

As the editor and leader of Patriot Fire, Ogden has stirred up controversy for his violent rhetoric for years, including a 2013 Impeach Obama protest that caused a ten-mile traffic jam and a police investigation over anti-Muslim threats he made in 2017. With a steady stream of conspiracy videos that take cues from nut job's like Alex Jones and InfoWars, Ogden preaches claims of San Diego acting as an illegal immigrant crime-ridden haven that accepts MS-13 and ISIS members with open arms. It's racist hate speech for other, equally fucking insane, racists.

Ogden's cronies are also racist, pathetic idiots.


Of course, Ogden is not alone in his vehement harassment of minority groups in San Diego, as he is always surrounded by a literal rat pack of inbred followers. These musty aura'd partners are usually members of local hate organizations like the San Diego Proud Boys or a shitty Facebook meet-up group, and can often be identified by the following traits: 1) patchy System of a Down-influenced beards 2) Dark rimmed eyes from hours of pleasuring themselves to Gavin McInnes videos and 3) shaved heads, because well, that's what Nazis do, I guess.

Ten times out of ten, they will be walking around their designated protest area with Android phones on video mode at all times hoping to catch a glimmer of hostility. One of these individuals in particular, Arthur Schaper, has become such a fixture in far right demonstrations that the Los Angeles Times wrote an entire piece about him, describing him as “a 36-year-old unemployed Torrance resident and blogger" who "records his escapades on cellphone video, narrating in real time as he trolls in real life.” A riveting character, indeed.

Just like Schaper, the rest are all set on collecting reactions. That's the game for them and feeding into it only gives them more hate-filled content. When they show up this Saturday -- and they will show up -- it is important to remember these facts and the orders given by the CPSC. In unity and intelligent action, the racists are depleted of power, and only then, does the community really win.