TRACKS FROM THE DEEP WEB: Eddie Warner, "Devil’s Anvil"

“Devil’s Anvil” by Eddie Warner (Progressive Percussions Vol. 2, 1972)

In 2014, I listened to thousands of vinyl albums, all without owning a record player. Thanks to the internet, you can download a limitless amount of old vinyl records that people have ripped and uploaded online through circles of Blogspot sites. A virtual buffet line of dusty wax and Mediafire links -- and my hard drive had the munchies.

What I ended up finding were some of the most obscure albums, compilations and soundtracks imaginable. Any genre you could think of from whatever continent you wanted. Korean jazz? Turkish psychedelic rock? Dutch krautrock? Mongolian throat music? It was all there.

“Devil’s Anvil” by Eddie Warner was one of those deep cuts. Sound familiar?

Warner, a German film score composer who made his career in France, was a key player in the library music scene of the 70s. In plain terms, library music collections are expansive catalogs of production songs for television, film and radio, among other media. They range from beautiful, lush Italian-film scores to 10, 20 and 30 second variations of the same bleep-bloop sound, more fitting of a Bill Nye home video or newborn baby lullabies than the rolling hills of Cartizze in Veneto, Italy.

When you pop in Eddie Warner’s LP Progressive Percussions Vol. 2, you are greeted with the opening drum break from “Devil’s Anvil.” The metallic hits that dot each count in the drum pattern mimic a rhythm similar to what I think Gandy dancers spiking down a railroad might’ve sounded like. It’s a fast-paced track, but when slowed and pitched down (as is sampled in A$AP Rocky's hit "Goldie")? Flame. And yes, I added it to the WhoSampled index.

“I said it must be, ‘cuz a nigga got dough.”