Celebrate San Diego: An Inside Look At The Talent

Celebrate San Diego

With our Red Bull-sponsored Celebrate San Diego event happening tonight, we wanted to make sure to highlight some of the great acts blessing the stage tonight. With it being our first installment with Red Bull, we knew we had to keep it diverse and bring out some of the best talent we know, be it rap, electronic, alternative rock, etc. With that said, take a quick second and listen up to what’s going on in San Diego.

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"I'm the hardest working underachiever you ever met,” spits Amon in the opening bars to “Check To Check.” It’s the kind of refreshing self-awareness that recalls what made listening to Kanye’s College Dropout so enjoyable, the sense that an artist doesn’t just understand your plight, but is going through it with you.

As one of the biggest standout rappers in San Diego, Amon has created a lane for himself through these transparent raps, a charismatic, yet anti-braggadocio demeanor, and an insane work ethic to match. From the professional rollout of music videos, singles, and supporting tours, it’s undeniable that Amon has set the bar in the city at a standard that many rarely ever reach — the kind of bar that ultimately helps push everyone forward as a result.

Catch Amon playing with band, Common Ivy, for his debut live set tonight at the Red Bull event.

Eddie Zuko

Eddie Zuko needs no introduction. Having just come off tour as the supporting act for TDE’s Jay Rock, Zuko has amassed an incredibly loyal fanbase and high level prestige from simply being excellent at his craft. With tracks that blend the lines between hip hop and roots-influenced pop, Zuko’s music exudes a universality in sound that makes it a no-brainer why audiences from all over the map gravitate towards it.

Often adding references of growing up in the Imperial Valley or his Mexican-American heritage, Zuko is able to speak for a large demographic of Latinx’s that often feel underrepresented in the world of Hip hop, and for anyone who can relate to his hometown ballads. With that ability to connect with any crowd, Zuko’s trajectory looks unstoppable.


Dream pop is an essential sound in San Diego, and I'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who makes it better than Shindigs. With washed shoegaze vocals that float over the sounds of beach guitars and lo-fi rhythms, Shindigs create music that feels like the suspended nature of love at first sight; that feeling of weightlessness embedded in lust and wonder.

Fashion Jackson

Fashion Jackson is a four-piece hailing from straight from Ocean Beach, and the sound they provide certainly reflects the eclectic palette of their neighborhood. Drawing from an wide array of influences ranging from R&B and soul to 80s pop, shoegaze and garage rock, Fashion Jackson delivers a sound that is completely their own and their loyal following is proof of it’s potency.

Mondi with Sebby OG & Saucalini

Mondi is a man of many hats — a radio host, a social media influencer, a producer, a DJ, and a thot. When you ask Mondi to be apart of an event, you really never know which side you’ll be receiving, whether it’s him saying random shit on the microphone, him playing an all Blueface DJ set or him bringing out many of his talented rap partners to join him for a surprise set. Chances are tonight you’ll be receiving all three. Either way, Mondi’s sets are always a great treat to take in.

Featuring alongside Mondi’s set will also be guest appearances by Sebby OG & Saucalini, two of the smoothest artists in the Suav camp. With styles that blend a post-Tunechi autotuned twist of hip hop and R&B, the pair’s ability to feed off each others delivery and energy is just one reason the duo is able to consistently drop banger after banger.


Whether you’re catching her spinning a set a Hide & Go Freak event or with Sasha Marie at the Kick Back, you can always be sure that Lu will throw down an amazing set. Filled with club bangers, R&B classics and remixes, and future bounce edits, Lu’s taste in dance music is impeccable, and her reputation for rocking a crowd is proof.

Ghost Boy


The Travelers Club DJ Team

(Sunbow Sliders, Luis Travels, Chicho)

Last, but not least, of course is The Travelers Club DJ Team. Individually, Chicho, Sunbow Sliders and Luis Travels all contain the individuality and versatility to stand on their own as some of the greatest DJs in the city, but anytime the trio are able to spin a set back-to-back-to-back, it’s always a reason for a room to go insane. With a musical palette that travels from house and hip hop down to the experimental and avant garde, each TC DJ set is treated like a journey for the listener, and the trip is always worth it.