PHOTO RECAP: Chicano Park Stands Up Against Nazis

Anyone who came out can attest to the emotions flying throughout Chicano Park this morning -- tense, passionate and uniformly proud. In the throngs of our side were citizens from all corners of the city, many covered in both Mexican and American flags, some with eyes deadly focused on the enemy and many with smiles at how celebratory our unification felt.

On the opposite side of the street, though, barricaded behind lines of police officers dedicated to futile protection, were the far and few racists shrouded in American flag outfits and paramilitary gas masks. So much for picnic attire, I guess?

Anyways, we were lucky enough to have the very talented Alexander I. Cobian share his photos with our site. Please do yourself and follow the man on his Instagram for more beautiful shots and videos of San Diego's best and finest. Enjoy!

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