San Diego is a Welcoming City for All, except Trump.


On March 13th 2018, Donald Trump plans to visit San Diego to inspect his border wall prototypes near Otay Mesa. This will be his first visit to the southern border as president of the United States. His visit is an unwelcome one.

Only weeks prior, hundreds of ICE raids in dozens of cities across California have left people scared to go outside, and communities torn apart. On top of that, the Trump administration sued California last week for passing SB54, AB103, and AB450 which protect the rights of everyone from overreaching Feds and immigration agents. Not to mention, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) was just terminated on March 5th, so now over 40,000 undocumented youth in San Diego, and 800,000 Dreamers nationwide, are living in limbo with the lingering threat of deportation every day until there is a solution.

What a way to make a fucking entrance.


Leading up to Trump’s visit, countless organizations and community leaders have stood in opposition to his racism and deadly policies. Back in September of 2017, the San Diego City Council passed a resolution in opposition to the border wall. In fact, every elected official with constituents along the border in San Diego, is opposed to the wall. Back in February, a new project titled “Welcoming San Diego” was launched as a collaboration between local business leaders, elected officials and nonprofits, who want to bring more resources to immigrant communities because they know immigrants are the hardest working people out there who deserve a place here. It’s a no brainer for border communities and people who live in the shadow of the wall.

However, the wall doesn’t stop at the border. Communities as far as 100 miles out are still living under the oppressive boot of border patrol. Trump has requested over $20 billion dollars for a deportation force and his wall. Right now, the only thing in his way is Congress, with both Republicans and Democrats at fault for letting negotiations slip this far into 2018 without a spending budget, which Trump needs for his wall. With an omnibus bill deadline for March 23rd, it’s a promising spending package big enough to fund the wall, or offer protection for immigrant youth. California is holding its breath.