EVENT RECAP: SDIY Coalition's Unite for the Arts


Late last year, Mayor Faulconer proposed a budget cut of up to 31% to the arts in San Diego, one estimated at a total sum of almost over $4.5 million dollars in losses.

As anyone who has lived in this region for more than a few days can attest, San Diego is a city that needs it's arts community. Not just needs it, but needs it treasured, cultivated and home-grown -- certainly not picked apart from it's branches just as it's flowers have begun to blossom.

With that said, we here at The Travelers Club pride ourselves in even being just a splinter of the many different organizations that compose our cultural ecosystem. These include fellow DIY groups like Weird Hues, Glyph, Arts United, Pink Haus, or larger institutions found in museums and academia. No matter our medium, we are all inter-linked in this system and we all do our part. Ones failure is our failure. Ones successes are our successes. That's the riches of the community, and keeping that community united should always be the goal.

This is why we, along with many other peers, have come together to create the SDIY Coalition, an organization designed to unify our branch of San Diego and connect us as creatives into a grander whole. Our main initiative is mobilization by way of community alliance; our method, pressured systemic redirection in our favor. And we are only just beginning.

As a coalition, we organized our first community outreach event on March 25th at the Pink Haus in Golden Hills, one of of course many to come. To get a quick glimpse at some of the action, please see below. All photos taken by the great Malory Galvante. Make sure to tune in for more info and upcoming dates for community events.