SPOTLIGHT: Breaking Genres with San Diego's Stage Kids


When asked to describe the genre of San Diego's rising talent, Stage Kids isn’t a band that can be compared to. This seven-piece instrumental blends together an impressive combination of visionary dimensions while mastering their individual style. They intertwine guitars that electrify, keyboards that harmonize, a bass that melts away, and drums that kick the soul wide open. This crew brings together a form of "self-expression" that is better known as brilliance combined into one.

In their words: “We flow in tangents, we just build spontaneously and go off from what we’re feeling.”

We had the opportunity to link up with Stage Kids and immerse ourselves in conversation on the evolution of their music. After talking with the band, it's exciting to share what this humble group has been working on next.


After the release of their third album, "Intra Mental," Stage Kids has been in the works of forming their next wave. This involves a different approach that engages their form of creation, evolving their love for beats and correlating different styles in the electronic scene.

"As far as music goes, genres are turning, we're trying to build something else, that correlates our old self and the new style. I think it's because we make stuff that relates to people because it's on a groove base, it's not technically musically trained, or shit that relates to people. It depends on how we're currently feeling. It's still natural and that's how it's always been with us," said Stage Kids.

This band has been together since 2005. Being close-knit homies since high school they continually grow together by building their chemistry and reading into each other’s minds. They’ve performed at many shows in the San Diego underground scene while taking off to several cities from their “Flying Nimbus” tour in the Summer of 2017. Right now, they’re persistently working together every weekend to build a new sound each week and we’re stoked to hear what they’ll be sharing with us next.

It’s no doubt that we’re on the look-out for upcoming shows and new music releasing in their near future.

For now, be sure to check out their music on