SD VOYAGER: Meet Andy M. Coronado of The Travelers Club


An excerpt from SD Voyager's Inspiring Stories series. Full article below:

Today we’d like to introduce you to Andy M. Coronado.
Andy, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My company, The Travelers Club, initially began out of a need to combat complacency. Growing up and coming out of high school, San Diego always felt like a great city, yet one largely without a creative sense of identity. It almost felt like a vacuum, with the cultural hubs of Tijuana and Los Angeles sucking our talent, resources and urgency to identify a voice. Eventually, after years of driving up to Los Angeles or crossing down to TJ to find a sense of community and vibrancy, I decided it was time to help develop it here.
As The Travelers Club, our first event was one of now a quarterly series, the Warehouse Takeover, this being in early 2014. With the Warehouse Takeover, our idea was to get a space never used for an event before, have artists and musicians from all different sides of San Diego come together and display their work and sort of create this subculture clash within the city. In my head, it only made sense that in order to sharpen a broader sense of community, it would take the disillusionment of “cliques” and mini-“scenes” in order to achieve it. Divide and conquer flipped on its head — the rap kids with the electronic music kids with the skate kids with the art kids with the whatever else kids. Just a bunch of kids who did shit, but instead, this time together.
That same mentality has been applied to everything I have done since, and many events and years later, it has seemed to work. From the initial Warehouse Takeover series, we have grown exponentially, including larger thousand capacity person events, partnerships with House of Blues and Hard Rock and numerous art-focused events around San Diego. Some of these include Art & Rec in Park & Rec, our poetry night in Barrio Logan as the Color Theory, and an upcoming art and music community workshop series known as Each One, Teach One.

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