Travis Scott is the New Morrissey for Mexicans


Mexican’s fucking love Travis Scott. Like foreal, love. It’s a weird phenomenon, one that is so obvious when you think about it, yet still so unexplainable.

The reality of this was originally brought to my attention by the big homie Vanglo a while back and became an on-going joke we would make on my old radio show. After doing a quick Twitter search though, I realized there are maaaad tweets -- some dating back to as far as to 2015 -- with people acknowledging this same truth.

That’s when I realized Travis Scott has finally become the new Morrissey.

First: Why do Mexicans love Morrisey?

To keep it a buck with you I only started thinking about this subject in-depth maybe a year ago or so after I went out with a girl who wouldn’t stop playing Morrissey. When we were hanging out sitting in her car, I couldn’t stop thinking about how fucking boring Morrissey was (who ever gets mad at this, grow up and listen to some music with rhythm). He’s always complaining about who knows what, sad at some unnecessary shit. It always had me confused about why Mexicans were so fascinated with some goofy ass white dude.

After doing quick research, I found out Morrissey credits the love he gets from his Mexican fan base to how “passionate” and “emotional” they are. “Latinos are full of emotion, and whether its laughter or tears, they are ready to explode, and they want to share their emotion, and they want to give, and show, and show.”

This makes sense. How many times you been at the family function, and after the Cazadores runs out and everyone stupid lit, the whole male side of ya family is weeping to Chente (in my family, it’s Ramon Ayala). If I’m wrong, I’m sorry, but I’ve heard like 3 Morrissey songs in my life and it seems as if most of Morrissey songs are about heartbreak and dealing with love, which is similar to most rancheras, so I feel like a lot of first-generation Mexican Americans found comfort in something familiar, but still different to what their parents were listening to.

Travis Scott = Morrissey

Which leads me to this point: we gotta brah out of here, mostly on account of dude being a piece of shit. I know, that sounds tough, but hey, I recently just stopped fucking with R. Kelly, so I know y’all can do the same. It’s time to find a new Mexican American hero -- It’s time to finally accept Travis Scott as the new age Morrissey.

It’s really only understandable. In this day in age, I don’t think young Mexican kids are drinking mad tequila and crying to Birds in the Trap Sing Mcknight, but the Mexican love that Travis gets parallels to the love that Moz gets. If you ever seen a Morrissey show people run on stage and try and hug and kiss brah which is cool and all, but usually there is a security guard nearby ready to beat your ass. At Travis show, it’s just the same but instead of trying to get people off the stage, he welcomes it so long as you stage dive and don’t be on your phone.

Travis loves metal music, or at least metal clothing

Just like Morrissey’s music, a good chunk of Travis’s music is very emotional and dark which is one thing that Mexico City based rapper SPEAK! thinks might be a reason the Mexican youth are so drawn to him:

”Mexican machismo culture teaches us we can’t be vulnerable or too in touch with our feelings,” SPEAK! explained to us, also pointing out the hardcore and metal aesthetic that Travis likes to incorporate in his fashion. ”Los darks that hang out at Chopo (a punk flee market in Mexico City) have been dressing like Travis Scott when he was still trying to sound like Kanye. We Latinos are drawn to that hardcore shit. Metal is still huge down there.”


To get an even better understanding, I called Travis Scott’s record label office at Epic to see if they could understand why. They signed him so they must know. This is a transcription of the conversation:

Mondi: “Hi, my name is Mondi and I’m with Mitu.”

Epic™ phone guy: “Okay.”

Mondi: “I was wondering if I could get a quote from anyone regarding Travis Scott.”

Epic™ phone guy: ”Uh….. [Pause] What are you trying to do?”

Mondi: “I’m writing an article on Travis Scott and his impact on the Mexican-American youth.”

Epic™ phone guy: “Okay….well, if you want a quote about Travis Scott, I suggest you get the name of his A&R.”

Mondi: “Oh, okay we-”

Epic™ phone guy: “And no, I don’t know the name of his A&R.”

Mondi: “I think his name is Huncho.”

Epic™ phone guy: “What?”

Mondi: “Thats the name of the A&R, It’s Huncho Jack.”

Epic™ phone guy: “Huncho Jack?”

Mondi: “Yeah last name Jack, first name Huncho.”

Epic™ phone guy: ”Yeah, nothing is coming up.”

So that didn’t help. So back to more assumptions.

He’s into western shit

I really do think it helps that Travis blends in western themes into everything he does. Calling himself Cactus Jack, riding horses or fucking flying around on a giant evil eagle during his shows. I’m just waiting for the day I go to a Travis Scott show and he’s riding horses like Joan Sebastian.

unnamed (1).jpg

Spanish Travis Scott clones are already are thing

Foreal, the overwhelming Latin love Travis gets basically led to the creation of Bad Bunny, who turned into a direct rip off Travis Scott. From the way he dress to the sound, shit really be sounding like Travis Scõtt. In fact Most mexican trap (I guess that’s what it’s called) sounds and feels the same as Travis Scott, with maybe a lil reggaeton patterned sprinkled in to throw off the scent. They just couldn’t help themselves and that’s okay.

In reality, we’ll never find one specific reason why Travis Scott became the best Mexican rapper (just slightly beating out YG and Wiz Khalifa), but for now he has the crown. Eventually someone will come along and push Travis out of that spot, of course, just as long as it isn’t that clown 6ix9ine who gets welcomed and accepted by young Latinos, that dude is a fucking clown and a embarrassment. I’d even welcome Lil Xan, who literally looks like every person I’ve ever met in the Inland Empire, before 6ix9ine. Either way, the phenomenon continues and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any day, so for now, all we can do is wait until the day that Travis x Calibre 50 collab drops.