PHOTO ESSAY: The Faces Behind the Caravan

Everyday immigrants from all over Latin America set upon the treacherous journey to Tijuana, Baja California. Their final destination: the United States. Yet, many never see the country which has been marked the land of opportunity, and their American dream quickly becomes a new struggle.

The immigrants pictured here, spoke to me about their journey. The man, Mauricio, traveled from Honduras with his pregnant wife and another child he found along the way in seek of a better life.

“I no longer have pride of where I am from, I only hope to look forward,” said Mauricio. “I hope the people who decide whether I’m fit to cross into the United States have some sort of heart. I swear if I am allowed in, I will be the hardest working citizen they’ve ever had. All I am seeking is opportunity," he said.

His wife is set to give birth in less than a week, and when I met up with them they had not eaten in two days. When asked why he made this trip with no guarantees, Mauricio said, “It was either take the risk, or die in my home country. People in the United States, don’t understand what life is like where I am from. They never could,” he said.

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