Choosey & Exile articulate Southern California's brown & black intersection with new LP

Choosey & Exile - Black Beans LP

Sampling the words of Darondo in “Didn’t I,” Choosey & Exile start their latest LP Black Beans by echoing: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Look alive, let your conscience be free.”

Remixing a classic sample and leading by example, Choosey & Exile use words and musical styles to touch on the subject of black and brown unity. “Simply, I’m a product of uncommon reproducing,” Choosey raps on the title track, “Blacks and Mexicanos wasn’t really on no cool shit / I’m a mix of enchiladas and fried chicken”. Reminiscing on his cultural background in a way that hits home to us all, Choosey’s lyrical content doesn’t fail to grab our attention.

Based in Los Angeles, though spending his formative years growing up in San Diego, Choosey uses music as an outlet to share his unique story. “Cosmic cultura, running through our veins… these stories we spit are sacred”, he continues on “Black Beans,” “You cannot colonize that which refuses to surrender.”


Confronting issues like police brutality and gentrification, Choosey raps over the sampled sounds of his upbringing, looking directly at all the many who were raised in an environment where street smarts were as necessary as book smarts to make it through the hustle of life. Raised on the sounds of gospel music in church, in addition to that of the Latin jazz scene found in Los Angeles, Exile explains, “Oldies are a big part of Chicano culture on the west coast from the ‘50s to now. Choosey is born out of that. So with this album, we wanted to unify that with Hip-Hop.”

With an effervescent selection of samples and rejuvenating take on race, history, and the melting pot of America’s southern-west coast, Black Beans is an LP that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of the plenty who share the same experiences in our city.

Stream Black Beans below or purchase here.