A 21st Century Conversation with Coastal [INTERVIEW]

Coastal from Clouds Collective

Coastal's life has been greatly molded by the Internet. As an outwardly disengaged teen, Coastal found solace in the warped and wonky beats that he scoured through on the Internet. It was also the same place that Coastal first discovered like-minded peers in and near his hometown, who he eventually brought together as the Clouds Collective. Some years later, the Internet was the place that heavyweights like RL Grime, Joekay and Spotify's Fresh Finds eventually stumbled on the 21 year old's music before adding his tracks as playlist features.

And so, it only makes sense that Coastal’s latest single, appropriately titled, “User,” sounds like the warped and arpeggiated flash sensations of surfing through an endless neon tunnel. Think the Information Stupor Highway, except just a lot newer, cooler, and intensive.

As we wait in anticipation for Coastal’s upcoming EP ‘Liquidation’ (set to release August 17th), we got a chance to interview the young beatmaker in, what I feel, was the best way possible. Shout out to the internet.

Coastal's upcoming EP 'Liquidation' drops everywhere August 17th via Clouds Collective. Click here to pre-order it now.