FEATURE: The Latest in Anthony Quisay's #100WeirdProject

We love anytime we can spotlight an artist from San Diego. We love it even more when it's someone as insanely talented as Anthony Quisay.

This set, the latest in San Diego-based photographer Quisay’s #100WeirdProject, features model Aleena Flowers and the photographer recalling dreamy scenes of a crimson-covered Virgen de Guadalupe, draped in thin veils and fiercely royal accessories. When explaining the sentiment behind the set, Quisay told us:

“Right now is definitely the time to figure out who you are and if you already know who that person is, express it. Do what you want to do and feel how you want to feel.”

Make sure to follow Quisay at @anthony.ahyeah for more breathtaking updates in his #100WeirdProject series.