ANNOUNCING: "All Day Chill," a solo art exhibition by Bay Area's Colin Taniguchi

All Day Chill.jpg

On September 14th, we continue our partnership with Good Friday Gallery and present to you our first TC-curated solo art exhibition featuring Bay Area artist and famed breh, Colin Taniguchi.

Hailing from Richmond, CA, Taniguchi has made a name for himself as a fixture in the underground art world, creating all hand-drawn vibrant illustrations that have been featured in publications such as Thrasher Magazine, as well as work with brands like GX1000, Bryan Rivera, and more.⁣

Utilizing a style that calls back to the airbrush and graff aesthetics of the ‘90s and early naughts, Taniguchi uses the gritty and vibrant DIY aspects of hip hop culture—specifically that of the Bay Area and Texas screw scene—and presents them in a fashion that accentuates the true fine art of it all.⁣

Along with prints, original graphics, and customized shirts on display, Taniguchi will also be packing along his famed ‘Breh Bible,’ a visual testament to his Bay Area roots.⁣

Taniguchi’s opening reception will be on September 14th, with music supplied by God Body Mondi, Josh Giggin, and Zan. The reception will run from 7pm-11pm, fresh drinks and brehs provided.