LISTEN: Brandon Watson returns to form with painfully openhearted single, "Falling."

BdotWatt - Fallin

In 2016, BdotWatt released his classic debut Minivans and solidified himself as one of the greatest rappers in the city. With razor sharp lyrical dexterity delivered under a raspy vocal register and flow equally as precise and deadly, Watt's talent was practically unmatched by any peer. And then one day, he just stopped.

Rumors regarding his radio silence soon followed –– some saying he simply grew disinterested, others saying he ditched town to live and work in the mountains. All that we knew was that the void left in his absence was as profound as his output.

Now, with the release of "Falling," Watt––now going by real name, Brandon Watson––returns for his first solo track since 2017, a single off the rapper's forthcoming record, Do I Look High. 

Recorded over the sample of an eloquent piano piece under a crisp kick and snare, Watson spits some of the most openhearted verses of his career, almost as if to make up for all the time lost with bare explanations. "Another backwood packed for broken promises," raps the 4th Floor artist, "Two kids, two abortions, like I don't know what condoms is / It took four years to realize that I'm the problem / Tears running down my real eyes, I couldn't handle it."

If there was any question whether the rapper still had the magic that made him a local sensation years ago, "Falling" provides the answer, still razor sharp as ever. Stream the single below and stay tuned for more news on Do I Look High.