Brown Beret member reportedly assaulted by police in Chicano Park for filming altercation

Brown Beret beaten in Chicano Park

A Brown Beret member was reportedly beaten and jailed by San Diego Police after filming an altercation in Chicano Park on Thursday evening, as evidenced in newly surfaced video footage.

Video, posted by the non-profit organization Border Angels, shows Brown Beret Eddie Alvarez passively confronting police with a camera in hand after they were reportedly seen harassing a woman and her children in the Barrio Logan park.

Alvarez, who like many of the Brown Berets de Aztlan in the Logan neighborhood, are known to consistently keep watch of the neighborhood and park for all cases of police harassment, as one that reportedly occurred yesterday. After police spotted Alvarez filming the altercation, multiple officers surrounded Alvarez, forcibly threw him to the ground, then proceeded to repeatedly beat his torso after already being constrained to the floor.

As of early Friday morning, Alvarez has still not been released from jail, although having already posted bail. The San Diego Police Department has yet to release a statement. Updates to come.