'Crafted' strives to unite San Diego creators through unique and themed culinary experiences

Experience Crafted.jpg

As expansive as San Diego is, it is often easy to feel like our creative circles exist within their own bubbles, impenetrable for outside participants to engage with. With the unveiling of ‘Crafted,’ a new culinary experience organized by BASIC, the local brand agency hopes to dissolve those obstacles.⁣⁣
Through a monthly series of uniquely organized dinner experiences, ‘Crafted’ strives to unite local leaders and civic participants from all industries and backgrounds for a night of constructive conversation and otherwise unlikely networking opportunities.⁣ Each dinner also touches on central themes, with previous themes including ‘Borderlessness,’ ‘Vulnerability,’ ‘Impact,’ and more.⁣
“The reason I joined BASIC is the reason we started Crafted,” says BASIC creative director Erwin Hines. “If you look at history, the world’s most creative minds did some of their best work together: Dalí and Man Ray, Warhol and Basquiat. I’ve always wanted to link up with dissimilar people to do amazing work.”⁣ ⁣⁣

The dinner experiences aren’t just limited to “creators and thought leaders,” however, as the projects’ website encourages all interested public participants to RSVP for a place in the seat. The project also plans on expanding conversations past the dinner table, as Crafted gears up to announce more widely accessible, including collaborative pop-ups, panel discussions, and more. ⁣⁣
The team has begun preparations for a biannual gallery that will bring together creators across multiple disciplines, from painters and musicians to foodies and tastemakers. Their first Artist Showcase is scheduled for Saturday, August 17.⁣