Duncan Hunter yet again says crazy shit, admits to killing "hundreds of civilians" during war

Duncan Hunter San Diego

In yet another moment of "What the fuck did you just say," congressman Duncan Hunter publicly bragged to a podcast about how he probably killed "hundreds of civilians" while serving as an artillery officer in Fallujah.

The comments were made public via the podcast, Zero Blog Thirty, a military podcast presented by Barstool Sports. In the episode, the notoriously shameless Congressman can be heard expanding on the current war crimes trial of local Navy SEAL Edward R. Gallagher, defending the SEAL's crimes–including shooting at civilians–by stating the following: 

"I was an artillery officer, and we fired hundreds of rounds into Fallujah, killed probably hundreds of civilians. Probably killed women and children if there were any left in the city when we invaded. So, do I get judged too?"

Yes. The answer is yes.

When speaking about one of the specific crimes Gallagher is being charged for, the extrajudicial murder of a teenage ISIS fighter, Rep. Hunter brushed off the charge by saying, "I frankly don't care if he was killed. I just don't care." Hunter followed the sentiment up by elaborating that it doesn't matter because the ISIS fighter was going to die either way.

The controversial statements come only shortly after Rep. Hunter came under national scrutiny for confessing to have posed in photos with the bodies of war casualties during a town hall meeting in Ramona last week.

“[Gallagher] did one bad thing, that I am guilty of too, taking a picture with a body and saying something stupid and then texting that,” said Rep. Hunter.