Each One Teach One: A Midterm Reflection [RECAP + PHOTOS]

Each One Teach One Workshops

August marks the halfway point of our Each One Teach One program here in San Diego and I’ve got to say, nothing fulfills me more to see both students and teachers show up on a Sunday to learn, teach, and connect with one another.

Many people have expressed wishing they had something like the Each One Teach One program growing up, and that’s exactly the point. What would the person I was maybe 6 or 7 years ago need to feel a little less lost, or to feel like I have options to succeed? With this creative workshop program, we aim to provide a peer-to-peer learning environment that is both inclusive and accessible, whether that be in the sense that we offer these classes free for students and cheap to everybody else or the fact that these are all introductory courses taught by practicing professional.

So far, in our first month of Each One Teach One, we’ve gone through two courses of four classes each, these initial two courses being Photo/Video and Audio Production. We have had industry professionals teach subjects from "Intro to Photography" to "Developing Your Short Film," from "Start Your Podcast" to "Beat Production." On any given day, there could be 15-30 students in attendance, ages ranging from 18-30 or older. These people may be high school or college students, mothers and fathers, interns or full time employees. We’ve seen great diversity in the people participating in the program and hope to see it grow even more.

What’s next for Each One Teach One? Our second month of courses consists of Design and Writing classes, which will last us until the beginning of September when the program concludes. Something like this has great and far reach potential, so it’s a given that we’ll be continuing doing workshops and classes under the Each One Teach One name.

With that said, Bay Area, are you ready?