Behind the Scenes: An Update with HOF Shooters

As San Diego cultural reporters and providers, the main focus of The Travelers Club is centralized on our larger community. That includes local artists, musicians, creatives, events, etc. As a result, oftentimes that focus overshadows the people who actually make up our collective -- the group of friends behind the scenes that began and still make up integral pieces of this Travelers Club thing, whether as DJs, photographers, producers or just homies.

That's why we're glad to have Hall of Fame Shooters, a long-running photo archive of all that goes on in TC, away from social media and behind the scenes. Comprised of photographs by TC members Darien DeL*on , Ernie Gutierrez, and Bryan Romero, HOF Shooters is our way of capturing all of our essential moments, from the first time we ever thought of doing events to present day sold out dates featuring Lunice, Joekay and more. See below for some new flicks and click here to go back in time with our archive.