Horton Plaza to become a hub for techie ass gentrifiers, cites Bay Area as inspiration

Horton Plaza.jpg

In other news that reeks of classist filth, it has finally been announced exactly what will become of the colorful ghost town that is Downtown's Horton Plaza. As reported by the San Diego Union Tribune, all of Horton Plaza's 900,000 square-foot property has been handed over to Stockdale Capital Partners, a real-estate development firm with sights to turn the mall into a giant "tech-campus" hub of sorts, dubbed "The Campus at Horton" (oh fucking god).

As outlined in Stockdale's plan, this development includes constructing expansive workspaces where the Nordstrom used to be, retail outposts covering the second floor, and "hip work zones" for millennials to eat, drink, and work out in, "in quintessential San Diego-style."

To keep it a buck, the development plans for this shit looks like a map in the game DOOM, except instead of killing demons, you're really just killing homeless people. Even when describing the desired outcome for the development, Stockdale Capital's director was quoted as saying: “There's an incredible opportunity to capture primarily Bay Area technology tenants who are looking to expand outside a very expensive San Francisco." Primarily? In the midst of a housing crisis, a homeless crisis, and a bro crisis, to publicly say that you're desired outcome in building a giant fucking sandbox is to attract Bay Area techies, then all I am hearing is: "blah blah blah fuck poor people.”

Excuse me for being pessimistic, but this millennial-friendly angle of real estate is always so goddamn cringey and transparent to see. No matter the "This will make San Diego a cultural force!" recycled campaign that all those developers ride in, rarely is it ever about San Diego. Or at least the real San Diego and what's left of it.

Of course, It's obviously too early to tell what property like this can do economically for San Diego as a whole, but if the barren, pseudo-artsy "luxury" condos in the East Village are of any reflection, then it don't mean shit. Just more land for nerd ass transplants and wealthy folks to call a home.