Watch Jean Dawson's breathtaking short film / music video, MEMORY IS SOFTWARE

Jean Dawson

For the five years we’ve been following Jean Dawson’s music, one thing has remained certain: it is impossible to place the artist’s talent within a box. As a Tijuana-born, San Diego-native and Los Angeles-based artist whose musical style simultaneously exists within the vast spaces of experimentalism, pop, indie rock and hip hop, Dawson has consistently proven to thrive within the periphery, utilizing his outsider quality not as an obstacle but his pièce de résistance. With the release of short film MEMORY IS SOFTWARE, the 23-year-old artist doubles down on this talent.

Unveiled as a visual accompaniment to singles, “Napster” and “Bullfighter,” from Dawson’s forthcoming album BAD SPORTS, the near eight-minute long video encapsulates all that is remarkable about the artist, including his polarly layered musical style and keen taste for aesthetics. The visuals, filmed by Zachary Bailey x Mikayel and creative directed by Dawson, display dark themes contrasting romance and isolation, connecting together under Dawson’s signature experimental pop.

BAD SPORTS will be released via P+SOUNDS & SHADES soon. In the meantime, watch the short film below.