Kass Rose Gold and Martin Salazar release soulful single, "Shooting Star"

Kass Rose Gold & Martin Salazar - Feel Like You

San Diego-based R&B singer Kass Rose Gold has teamed up with our own Martin Salazar and Wzrd Only's Andre Elias to release “Shooting Star,” the first single from Kass and Martin’s forthcoming album, F.L.Y.

Displaying the best of all artists involved, the jazzy track plays as an homage to heartbreak, produced and performed specifically to pull at the heartstrings.

"This track actually started out as a response to someone breaking my heart. I wanted to create music for them to hear and understand what I felt when they did that," Kass told us in a statement. "Ultimately, I wanted to melt their heart and make them regret breaking mine lol."

Kass continued: "It's pretty much about that point in life, as an artist, when you feel imbalanced and you have to sacrifice one thing for the other. In this case, we sacrificed our love for our dreams."

F.L.Y. will be available via all platforms late February. Listen to single “Shooting Star” below.