KPBS launches podcast covering human stories of trans-border culture and creativity

Only Here KPBS podcast

KPBS has announced the launch of their newest radio series, Only Here, a podcast focusing on the unique human stories within and around the border and the beauty and creativity that comes from it.

Hosted by Tulengua frontman Alan Lili and produced by the illustrious Kinsee Morlan, Only Here strives to separate the border from the politicized sensationalism that has long become associated with it, instead aiming to emphasize the cultural idiosyncrasies that the trans-border experience creates. These include stories of marginalized artists, bi-national musical experiences, cultural preservation in unlikely areas, and much more.

"To most people, [the border] is just a far-off political concept. What usually gets the most news coverage is just part of the picture," Lili told us in a statement regarding the show. "We want to hear the story of the border by people who really experience it on a daily basis. We want to humanize the border and shine a light on personal stories that really illuminate what it’s like to live with the border."

"There’s all sorts of unexpected stories here and we hope by telling them we can help paint a fuller picture that make the border feel like the complex, rich, confusing, weird place it is."

The podcast will be releasing new episodes every other Wednesday, with three episodes available now available via all podcast streaming platforms.

The Only Here podcast team will be hosting a small launch party on Wednesday, April 3rd, at Tiger!Tiger! in celebration of the series' release. You can RSVP for more details here.