LISTEN: Zuma bares his stripped-down version of soul on new single, "Hands Tied Down"

Zuma - Hands Tied Down

Globe-trotting San Diego / Tokyo-based producer Zuma released his newest single, “Hands Tied Down,” featuring Abby Sage and NateyZ – a nostalgic, synth-laced dreamscape that filters through a combination of stripped-down production, 808s, airy guitars, and Rhodes sounds panning from one ear to the other that’ll have you hurting for someone you’ve never met.

Produced in pieces on the West and East coast of the states, Zuma collaborated with singer/songwriter Abby Sage of Toronto, rapper NateyZ of San Francisco and punk-rock guitarist María Alejandra Dale Figeman of New York, to take us back to all the head games and words left unsaid that may remain after a rough break up. “I made the beat in San Diego,” Zuma explains, “then we fleshed out the track with the guitar in a studio in Boston, and then mixed in New York, and then had the vocals mixed in LA.”[Link]

“There's so much left to’re playing all these goddamn games,” croons Abby Sage as the track utilizes emotional pauses and the elimination of drums and 808s in key moments of the production, emphasizing the raw vocal features by Sage, Natey Z and Zuma himself.

“When you listen to music with a singer or topline, basic human psyche is to listen to the spoken words. That’s the initial connection you make with a track,” says Zuma. The songs commitment to storytelling and grit truly display that feeling of a complicated bond falling apart and the attempt of still trying to grasp what little is left.

“Hands Tied Down (ft. Abby Sage &NateyZ)” is available on all platforms now.