WATCH: Mischif displays his greatest artistic vision to date with "Comet" music video

Mischif - Comet (Music Video)

Let me start this off by saying one thing: god fucking damn.

Don't get us wrong, we've been familiar with San Diego artist Mischif for quite a while. With a slew of singles in 2018, including the release of album 10, the Trackwide musician made it very clear that his talents were apparent and ready to be displayed. Now, with the unveiling of visuals to single, "Comet," however, Mischif makes it clear that his vision isn't that of a local rapper, but a full-bodied artist.

Melodic, smooth and hazy, "Comet" opens like a flashback to Nostalgia Ultra-era Frank. Replete with an atmospheric texture on the production and vocals, the track delves between alternative R&B and hip hop enough to keep it serenely sultry, yet hard hitting in its rhythm. Cliche as the scene may be, "Comet" plays like the kind of music that soundtracks a drive through the night, windows low and emotions high.

Watch the video to "Comet" below and stream the album 10 via all major platforms.