VIDEO: Mondi vs. The San Diego Subreddit (/r/sandiego)

The Travelers Club field correspondent Yung Mondi recently wrote an article for our website regarding the best restaurants in San Diego and the ones to avoid. Unfortunately, the article got shared into the neck-bearded hellhole that is the San Diego subreddit and, to put it short, the weabos weren't merciless.

So now, Mondi claps back and reads through the comments and responds in his own unique way. Needless to say, it's hilarious. For the likelihood that you may have been offended or reserve some complaints, please send them to and we will make sure to make another video reading it out loud for the public.

Starring: Yung Mondi ( Edited and filmed by: Andy Internets ( Fueled by: Isolated sun-deprived Redditors