Nadia Graily personifies the wounds of internal struggles in "In Red" photo series

Nadia Graily

Nadia Graily first revealed a preview of her newest photo series, “In Red,” earlier this month and we haven't been able to get enough of it since. Featuring model and subject Anna Zeltins adorned in fantastical red veils against pale landscapes, Graily uses Zeltins’ crimson figure to personify the blood-run internal wounds many of us strive day-in and day-out to mend.

“Social media can be overwhelmingly toxic and isolating, but if it's what this generation and those-to-come have to deal with, I feel compelled to help nurture a space for people to know they aren’t alone in their struggles," Graily told us in regards to the series. "We are people in red. Wearing our scars, fighting our battles, and bleeding out the poison in order to heal, and we don’t have to do it alone. This series is for us.”

The full series can be found on Graily's Instagram account spread across three installments, along with two written pieces by subject Anna Zeltins delving into her own struggles as a youth, in her present, and in her career.

Photos / Wardrobe / Art Direction: Nadia Grailey
Feature/Model: Anna Zeltins
Makeup Artist: Katherine Trego
Assistant: Jonas Groves