New Children’s Museum employees have officially unionized to advocate for higher pay and a livable wage

New Children's Museum

Employees of Downtown San Diego’s New Children's Museum have banded together to file for unionization in an effort to advocate for higher hourly compensation and wage increases.

Represented by IBEW Local 465, the New Children’s Museum Union has cited the increasingly disproportionate pay between high-level hourly employees and lower level positions, along with a stagnant 1% increase in wages from 2012 to 2018, even as admissions have doubled in that time.

In a public statement, the NCMU noted, “work in the arts, work in nonprofits and work with children are all historically underpaid and undervalued sectors…Our passion fuels our work but we will no longer allow our labor to be exploited because of that. We are unionizing to highlight the worth of our work and to advocate for higher pay, increased transparency and equitable practices.”

Through unionization, the group hopes to restore the New Children’s Museum as an institution of competitive pay and reduce the high turnover rate that comes as a result of its below living wage compensation.

“This high rate of turnover requires constant hiring and training of new staff members,” the union said in a public mission statement, “As a result, we retread the same ground again and again instead of moving the Museum forward together.”

As the latest in a growing list of museum staff unionizing across the country, the New Children’s Museum Union plans to negotiate a restructure in compensation with the Museum’s management and Board and find an equitable solution for all employees involved.