LISTEN: Umenos' Open House Label Debut Mix

Description via Open House:

Umenos, AKA Shota, is a DJ/producer currently living in San Diego, CA. He founded GLYPH, a San Diego-based experimental music event that brings a wide variety of artists together, both domestic (Areclu, Mystery Cave, Kass Rosegold, Nastea, Coastral, Sexual Princess Collective, Ingemar , Tall Drk & Andy Internets)and non-domestic (Foodman, Seiho, Fecal Matter, PBDY, Merca Bae). Glyph specializes in genres such as juke, bounce, footwork, noise, deconstructed, industrial, and house. This is reflected in Umenos's sets, which are diverse in genres as well as BPM, creating an experience that leaves you feeling invigorated. We are incredibly thrilled to have Umenos as our first guest in our mix series.