North Park's Queen Bee's raided over illegal weed market, two arrested and ten fined

North Park's Queen Bee's raided in weed farmers market

Just because you can smoke weed recreationally in California does not mean shit is all the way sweet now. Just ask North Park's Queen Bee's.

In an effort to crack down on illegal weed sales and unlicensed distribution, lead San Diego Police Department narc units raided a weed-oriented farmer's market being hosted at the historical events center located on Ohio Street in North Park. Two men, identified as the event organizers, were arrested and over ten others were cited for illegal marijuana sales and business permit infractions.

In a weird ass tongue-in-cheek move, the SDPD also performed the raid at exactly 4:20pm, which kinda gives you an idea of how seriously they may have taken all of it. To make matters stranger, when one of the event organizers was asked if he knew why he was being arrested, he replied with, "I like to save people's lives." So yeah. That's that.

Of course, "weed farmer's markets" are nothing new to San Diego, or Queen Bee's. Frequent market-goers and attendees of these events claim they have been in existence and operating for over two years, many happening in locations all around San Diego. We're not on our snitch shit, however, so we won't go into that.

In defense of the markets, long-time guests claim that the weed provided is rarely ever sold, but instead samples are provided to guests. Consumption of the weed is also prohibited in the market. Think of it like the Costco of weed, except only the free sample stands exist. To purchase your bulk, you gotta go elsewhere.

“I can speak to someone who knows about the brand, I can get samples so I can know something about these products,” a market attendee told NBC News. “If my friend says ‘Here, try this,’ and they are not demanding money from me, not expecting something, why not?"