GLYPH to debut neo-grime producer Rabit in San Diego

Rabit live at Kava Lounge

"[It's] still challenging for me to reach out to fans of this kind of music in this town. It's a shame when I'm told, 'I didn't know that [xxx] came to San Diego,' days after the show," exclaimed DJ and event curator Umenos in a Facebook post Thursday afternoon.

It's reality many show promoters and event organizers can sympathize with. In a market like San Diego, one that is disadvantaged with the combination of a procrastinating purchaser culture and an audience very often underexposed to the avant-garde, it's difficult to successfully bend the status quo in a way that doesn't leave the organizer completely in the red. Umenos and his GLYPH event don't see that as a detriment, however.

As the latest in the event series, GLYPH will be hosting Houston neo-grime producer Rabit at the Kava Lounge on October 5th, coinciding with the release date for his latest record, Life After Death. 

With music that takes inspiration from an eclectic palate ranging from DJ Screw, German new age group Enigma, down to Japanese ambient artists like Hiroshi Yoshimura, Rabit's music works in the dark, gritty spaces of industrial ambience while equally tearing apart the genre at the same time. It's a kaleidoscope of sounds intertwined to form a raw, time-stretched crunch of noise, one that can only be accentuated to a higher degree by hearing it live in person.

"Exploring sound is alchemy if you want it to be," Rabit says in Life After Death's press release, "but I would be wary to explain these aspects of my work because there’s a raw understated quality to the record that I want to respect. I think the occult term is interesting because I don’t hear this explored in music in ways that I find relevant. I leave it to time and the intelligent listener to make up their own meaning.”

The album is a follow-up to 2017's Les Fleurs Du Mal.

Listen to the single "III" below.