Rossi Rock's "Know My Name" music video is already the best of 2019

Rossi Rock Know My Name.jpg

If one thing is certain about San Diego rapper Rossi Rock, it's that the man never fails to raise the bar.

As the de-facto leader of the Suav crew and a member of MadeInTYO's Private Club Records, Rossi has blazed the trail in San Diego over the last year with top-tier music releases, music videos, and a focused ultra-talented team behind him to bolster each of his moves. With the release of the music video to "Know My Name," Rossi Rock doubles down on all these strengths.

Directed by Nocturne, the video follows Rossi as he makes his transformation from scraggly 'Suavbertos' cook (Shout out to all the -bertos!) to full-on rockstar by way of divine intervention and a hilariously-shot haircut segment featuring Suav's White Will. The video, resembling more a short film than a regular video accompaniment, displays all the greatest features Rossi has to offer–clever concepts, infectious on-mic and on-screen charisma, and a keen sense of humor that keeps his persona refreshing as ever. Peep the video below and make sure to stay on the lookout for everything Rossi and his team have to offer in 2019.