MUSIC VIDEO: Rossi Rock goes trigger-happy in "ARCO" video

When we said we were hoping that “ARCO” video was coming soon, we definitely didn’t expect it that soon, but shit, there’s definitely no complaints here.

Filmed and directed by Cobian, the video follows Suav’s Rossi Rock and Sebby OG getting into iPhone emoji-censored gun escapades, powder-fueled donuts in a whip, and sinister scenes of the two batting against the camera under neon lighting. It’s both lighthearted and self-aware enough to avoid the corniness that plagues many rap videos, while still maintaining a clear air of quality and attention-to-detail that keeps the video dope and fun to watch.

With the consistent schedule of releases we’ve been receiving from the crew, we can only hope it keeps going well into 2019. We already know the years def gonna be a big one for everyone in the Suav camp.