San Diego Democrats stood by alleged sexual abuser, received $10k next day

As the 2016 election and practically everything that followed before and after has proven, it's that the Democratic Party as a national establishment fucking sucks. It comes as no surprise then, that the San Diego chapter also reeks of the same foul, money-grubbing sliminess.

According to disclosed financial records, the San Diego County Democratic party received a $10,000 donation on September 6th, only a day after the party announced it's refusal to expel local labor leader Mickey Kasparian from their Central Committee amid multiple claims of sexual assault.

The donation -- one of the largest of 2017 -- was from none other than Kasparian's own United Food and Commercial Workers Local 135 union. Surprise, surprise.

Now, of course, union contributions to the Democrats are nothing new. Shit, it might've just been all bad timing. According to the Democratic party, the funds were meant to be scheduled months earlier following numerous requests. Merely "coincidental," they called it. Yeah, definitely. Just a big ass "Whoopsie!" and shrug.

What isn't coincidental, however, is the fact that the local Democratic party allowed Kasparian to stay on their Central Committee at all, donation or not. To get a better idea of what we're dealing with, here's a list of claims brought against the labor boss:

  • In 2017, Melody Godinez, a county government employee active in organized labor, filed a lawsuit against Kasparian for having pinned her down to an office couch, previously groped her on four occasions and having attempted to coerce her into a foursome. In the court deposition, when Godinez was asked if she feared Kasparian, she replied with: “Correct. I was afraid of the ramifications not just with my career but with my safety. Just like I’m afraid right now that he might take a gun out.”
  • In a 2016 lawsuit, former female employee Isabel Vasquez sued the Local 135 union along with Kasparian, stating Kasparian pressured her into a sexual relationship after she was hired until her eventual retirement 15 years later. Similarly to Godinez, Vasquez claims Kasparian's power and leverage over her career and safety kept her silent throughout the ordeal. "I've seen what he's done to other women with expiring careers. Smart women. Every women in there is afraid for their job, every day," Vasquez remarked.
  • In a third complaint by Sandy Naranjo in 2016, Kasparian was accused of wrongful termination, having firing Naranjo in a clear retaliation for her husband backing a candidate he opposed. Along with abuse of power, she also cited gender discrimination in her suit.

Kasparian eventually did resign from his position in the Democratic committee, but only after the third lawsuit was made public. When citing his reason for stepping down, the labor leader solely credited his departure on being too busy with union duties.

Amid the public outcry from 2016 onward, two prominent San Diego politicians within the state legislature have continued accepting donations from the disgraced labor boss, along with the large sum donated to the Democratic party. In a survey by the Union-Tribune to 28 San Diegan Democratic office-holders and candidates, seven more agreed they would still accept Kasparian's support.