San Diego may finally receive it's first world-renowned landmark, unprecedented in the state

San Diego's new landmark

A city-defining landmark may be coming to San Diego in the near future as unprecedented plans for a 500-foot structure in Seaport Village currently undergo review.⁣

Described as San Diego’s version of the Space Needle, the structure—developed by architect Yehudi Gaffen—is meant to provide the city with a jaw-dropping spectacle currently unmatched by other architectural landmarks in place.

San Diego landmark

Designed in an hour-glass shape, the tower will be constructed with a thick base, thinning out in the middle before widening at the top again, all built on a stack of large spinning disks. With varying vantage points provided to viewers, the building is meant to give the illusion of a hanging garden from the bottom and an above the cloud view of the city from the top.⁣

Due to a 30-foot restriction on all California developments near coastal zones, however, the soon-to-be landmark must first undergo approval through city and statewide agencies. If approved, the project’s development would be a historic move for not only San Diego, but the state of California itself.⁣

“We’re not an unknown, but we’re not as recognized as many other international destinations,” said San Diego Tourism CEO Joe Terzi, “We have long looked for the iconic structure, that if you saw it, you would immediately recognize (San Diego). Frankly, we don’t have that strong image.”⁣

With the construction of Gaffen’s tower, the city may finally get the iconic structure it needs to make its global mark.