San Diego named one of Forbes' Top 14 Destinations of 2019, alongside Paris, Amsterdam, Istanbul and more

San Diego in Forbes Travel Guide

Forbes Travel Guide recently released their list of the top 14 top destinations of 2019, featuring cities they described as "experiencing a shift in the way [they] look and feel." Not just in the addition of festivals or new culinary experiences, the article says, but in "posturing itself as a new cultural mecca." Featuring alongside cities like Singapore, Istanbul, Amsterdam, and Paris, San Diego was listed as one of the few powerhouses of a city that is currently redefining the way the world sees its cultural landscape.

Referencing our various anniversaries in 2019, including the 250th anniversary of San Diego, the 50th season for the Padres, and the 50th anniversary of Comic Con, Forbes noted that it's a very particularly exciting year to be from the city and within it.

Along with the anniversaries, our monumental rise as a "foodie city" was also listed as proof, including mentions of fine-dining staples Addison Restaurant and Veladora, as well as La Jolla's Din Tai Fung and Gaslamp's forthcoming Lumi restaurant by celebrity chef Akira Black.

Read the full list here and remember to enjoy San Diego for all it's greatness before the weather warms up and the annual tourism really kicks into overdrive. But you already knew that.