SeaWorld continues to suck, leaves 16 trapped on skyride for hours

Seaworld Skyride trappedSeaWorld continues to suck, leaves 16 trapped on skyride for hours

SeaWorld proved yet again why they are one of the shittiest places in the city on Monday night when sixteen passengers, including a whole ass baby, got caught stuck on their skyride in the cold night for over four hours.

The Bayside Skyride apparently stopped working around 7:30pm due to high gusts of wind slamming against the attraction. No word yet on why the dangerously high cart’s defense mechanism against wind is to just stop entirely in mid-air. For hours. Luckily, the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department was able to rescue all passengers safely.

Jonathan Sherr was one of passengers in the skyride, along with his 15-year-old son, when the attraction stopped working.

“I looked up at the cable, and right when I was looking up at the cable shaking violently, we just stopped,” he told NBC San Diego. Sherr went to say that SeaWorld failed to provide much communication during the whole first hour of the ordeal, adding on to Sherr’s worries.

In a public statement issued by SeaWorld, the San Diego amusement park assured the public that safety was paramount to the company’s valuing, adding in the fact that each skyride tram came equipped with a blanket for warmth. According to weather reports, it was approximately 50 degrees in San Diego during the time of rescue.

To be fair, weather conditions in San Diego and all throughout Southern California have been usually hectic with high winds and storms, leading us to conclude that if you 1) went to SeaWorld; 2) in the incredibly windy, freezing cold night; and 3) decided to ride the SeaWorld skyride in the incredibly windy, freezing cold night, you likely had all this coming to you. But that's just us.

The SDFD’s official Twitter account reported that “all 16 people trapped in the gondola ride are safe on the ground,” by 11:30pm.