Long-standing North Park mural removed, making way for new Target

‘Weenasaurus Rex’ Mural by MADSTEEZ

‘Weenasaurus Rex’ Mural by MADSTEEZ

It's no news to anyone that North Park is rapidly changing—the only difference is we now have a temporary buff to act as a visual eulogy.

Against the wishes of thousands within the community, the large dinosaur mural on University and Ray Street (known as ‘Weenasaurus Rex’) was painted over on Monday morning, as part of the construction of what will soon be a Target Express.

An online petition was created earlier this year to urge Target from getting rid of the popular mural -- which depicts a fuzzy red monster riding a running pink, blue and purple T-Rex -- when they move into the 35,200 square-foot building.

"This mural is a landmark. It delights people of all ages and Is better served proudly displayed as it always has been," the petition read. The petition never reached it's 25,000 signature goal, though it was not clear what the steps following the signature gathering would be. 

MADSTEEZ, the Washington D.C.-based artist responsible for the mural posted Monday on social media a photo of his mural being covered up with the caption, "Goodbye old friend ....looks like @target won." 

According to Angela Landsberg, executive direct of North Park Main Street, Target is already looking for a new mural to replace the MADSTEEZ art. “The mural that currently exists on the wall of the future Target store was installed without any community input. Because this is a privately owned building, there is no need to go out for public review as long as the artwork complies with city regulations for murals on private space. As far as Target’s plans for a new mural, I know that they are planning a full public request-for-proposal.”

Of course, as we all know, leaving a global corporate entity in charge of authentically representing a neighborhood, especially in arts and culture, is always a good idea. Right?

I guess we’ll find out sooner than later.