The Art Institute of San Diego closes doors after giving students two-day notice

The Art Institute of California campus in San Diego closed its doors this morning, after only giving students a two-day notice.

According to reports, students were blindsided by the news via an announcement on Wednesday reporting that if the school wasn't acquired by a buyer in the next two days, it would shut down. 

All students, now without a school to attend, are left with uncertain futures and a multitude of questions.

“We could see the cracks in the walls when a lot of the department heads were let go and they had one person running all the programs," one student told ABC 10, who only had one quarter left before graduation.

"The emotions here are all over the place; shocked, confused, depressed."

The unfortunate news comes shortly after court documents revealed that Argosy University, the company that operated the Art Institute of California campus, was misusing millions of federal dollars to pay for unrelated expenses like operating costs instead of student assistance. As a result, the Department of Education ceased all financial aid to the university in late February.

All 16 Argosy University campuses have officially closed as of Friday.

The Art Institute brand is no stranger to controversy. As a for-profit college that amassed a negative rep for 'trapping' students in student loan debt while providing insufficient educational value, the institution saw a sharp downward spiral between 2017 and 2018, with 35 schools of the college's original 52 closing in that timeframe. The San Diego campus, and many others across the country, now join the list.